With the success of the International Yo-Yo Championship 2014 in Orlando, we are excited to announce our 2nd Annual International Yo-Yo Championship! This year, we are moving the championship all the way to sunny California. We've got lots of surprises in the works and it will be bigger and better than ever.

The International Yo-yo Championships will take place on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at the West Side Stage at Downtown Disney® District in Anaheim, California. Admission to both the Downtown Disney District® area and the International Yo-yo Championship is absolutely FREE for spectators! If you do plan on visiting the theme parks Disneyland® and/or California Adventure®, a separate entrance admission will need to be purchased from Disneyland® by clicking HERE. The best yo-yoers in the world will be competing at this even so prepare yourself to be amazed! If you would like to take part in the contest, it is open to all ages and all skill levels. The contest will consist of the following divisions.

  • Amateur Division – 1 minute freestyle
  • 1A Division – 1 minute preliminary freestyle,with top placers moving on to
    3 minute finals freestyle using one yo-yo
  • 2A Division – 3 minute freestyle using two yo-yos doing looping tricks
  • 3A Division – 3 minute freestyle using two yo-yos doing string tricks
  • 4A Division – 3 minute freestyle doing offstring tricks
  • 5A Division – 3 minute freestyle doing counterweight tricks

Please note: Online Registration will end on August 5th. If you are registering on-site, the registration fee is $40 in any division.

This year, we are happy to announce the addition of Kendama to the IYYC! Kendama has a strong scene similar to yo-yos: a positive crowd in a fast-growing industry. The West Coast is an exciting hub of the Kendama world, so we are happy and proud to include it in our championship! Information on Kendama registration and rules can be found on our Kendama Contest page by clicking HERE or by using the navigation to the left.

Combined Pictures from 2014 IYYC