In addition to the Yo-Yo competition at the International Yo-Yo Championship, a Kendama 7 to Spike Contest will also be taking place. The winner of this contest will be taking home a $500 cash prize. For the rules of this contest please see the information below.

7 to Spike Contest Rules

  1. 1 king 7 challengers (can still play with 2 or more)
  2. Challenger always goes first. If challenger loses they go to the back of the line. If king loses challenger takes kings place and king goes to the back of the line. This counts as one point.
  3. 7 points win the game.
  4. There can be ties! Players must battle again until a winner is chosen.
  5. If the kendama touches the floor at any time it's an automatic out and the other player gets the point. (Unless its part of your trick)
  6. No fixing the string (Unless its part of your trick)
  7. You must finish with a spike or an in.
  8. If there are no judges all the players involved in the game judge on majority.
  9. No resets, but you may recover depending on how smooth you flow in and out of your trick. (This will be determined by the judges)

Registration for the Kendama Contest

To register for the Kendama Contest please click HERE to visit our Registration page or use the Register menu item located in the navigation to the left.

Notes/History: This style of play came from our bboy background battling in something called 7 to smoke. Keep in mind this is a competitive/battle mentality style of play. Consistency is key! Be creative and original with your style! Thank you for playing!!!

To see the Kendama in action, please view our video below.